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Sometimes well-intentioned parents make things worse by parenting their children in a way that actually prevents them from assuming responsibility, learning to weigh options and make decisions, and from reaping what they sow.

They are the type of moms and dads sometimes referred to as “helicopter parents.” There seems to be a crisis in maturity in this generation–do you see that perhaps young people are more in need of developing a plan of action for the college phase of their lives?

That means academic development, but it also means character, spiritual, and relational development.

So I think it’s crucial to understand how college is different than high school. It’s important that students form good friendships, because those who walk with the wise become wise and a companion of fools will suffer harm (Prov. Students also need to become increasingly dependable workers to grow academically in the areas that God has gifted them.

As with any major undertaking, it helps to begin with the end in mind.

College should be a launching pad into all that goes along with responsible Christian adulthood.

Today more kids go to college than ever before and yet many wonder if kids are truly ready.

How do parents and pastors and influencers prepare young people for this important phase of their lives?

Here’s how pastor and author Tim Keller puts it: Sex is perhaps the most powerful God-created way to help you give your entire self to another human being.

And living under the same roof as your parents provides a significant measure of accountability – one that’s absent when you leave for college.

That means students need to have the self-discipline to log off of Facebook and study for significant chunks of time.

Today I’m blessed to chat with Alex Chediak, author of the newly released book, Alex is an Associate Professor of Engineering and Physics at California Baptist University.

I think Alex has written a powerful and much-needed book. I’d highly recommend it to any high-school senior or college freshman (or their parents, for that matter! Studies show that more people go to college today than ever before. I don’t know about most kids, but many kids are not.

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There are other pitfalls, like living off of credit cards and getting into serious debt.

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